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Privacy Policy
Privacy Policy
Handling of personal information
Andon Ryokan Limited (“Andon” below) recognizes the importance of information that can be used to identify individual users of the website operated by Andon (“personal information” below) and therefore handles said information with care. On the Andon website, you may be asked to input or send personal information so that we may provide you with services that you find beneficial. Information that you entrust to us via the Andon website will be managed strictly. Note that the content stated on this page constitutes our basic policy on the handling of personal information on the Andon website.
Cases where you are asked to provide personal information
On the Andon website, you are asked to register personal information needed for the arrangement of services in cases involving the following.
1.Reservations for stay.
2.Requests for various materials.
3.Other. (In cases where you are asked to entrust your personal information to us for services other than the above, we will clearly indicate the pertinent purpose, content and handling of that information.)
Purposes of using personal information
Personal information entrusted to Andon by you will be used on the Andon website solely in the following cases, and will not be used for any purpose other than those for which you provided that information. 1.Cases involving the various arrangements that constitute the main purposes of the request form, such as the preparation of reservations, the sending of materials and replies to inquiries. 2.Causes where the need arises for Andon to contact you for some reason. 3.Cases in which you agree to the provision of your personal information for another purpose. 4.Sending of email magazine. Should you permit the delivery of news over email on the request form, Andon will provide you with information such as that on events, overnight plans, etc. by our hotel or an affiliate thereof. You may modify your registered information or stop the delivery of news on your own at any time.
Scope of gathering of personal information
Out of the personal information entrusted to Andon by you, the minimum information required for the provision of services shall be required information. The provision of any other information will not be a condition for the provision of services. (For minimum necessary information entrusted to Andon by you, pertinent items will be clearly indicated as such, using marks or other means.)
Storage of personal information
Personal information entrusted to Andon by you will be stored solely as a record of the provision of services requested by you, and will be deleted after a certain amount of time has passed.
Management of personal information
The database of personal information belonging to you and other customers is managed by a managerial supervisor within Andon.
Provision and disclosure of personal information
Personal information entrusted to Andon by you will be handled with care, and will not be provided or disclosed to a third party barring the following cases. 1.When you agree to the disclosure of your information. 2.When Andon is requested to officially verify said information in accordance with laws or ordinances from the police, a court or another public institution. 3.When you, Andon or a third party have another serious or emergency need for disclosure.
Use of statistical information
In cases where Andon performs analysis in order to improve its website or products/services as well, said analysis will solely consist of the statistical processing of information and will not be used in any way to identify you as an individual.
Security measures
For the security of personal information, rational security measures from the dual aspects of administration/operation and the system have been taken in order to prevent illegal access to information; its loss, destruction, tampering or leakage; and so forth. On the Andon website, “cookies” are not used to gather information on you. Note that records (logs) of your access to Andon are gathered as a means of information-gathering conducted on the Andon website. However, said records (logs) are solely used for statistics on operation of the website or for causal investigations on illegal access, etc.
Changes to content of “Handling of personal information”
Should changes be made to the content stated on this page, said changes will be announced on the Andon website. Contact Please use the Contact page if you have inquiries on the handling of personal information on the Andon website.
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