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Safety precautions against COVID-19
Infectious disease countermeasures
Precautions adopted for the general premises of the ryokan
・ Regularly disinfect and clean the inside of the building (restaurants, banquet halls, etc.)
・ Regularly disinfect and clean common areas (front, lobby, guest room aisles, large communal baths, etc.)
・ Sterilization and cleaning
・ Disposable slippers in the guest room
・ Regularly ventilate the hall (restaurant, banquet hall, etc.)
・ Regularly common areas in the hall (front, lobby, guest room passage, large communal bath, etc.)
・ Ventilate the inside of the guest room each time
Precautions adopted for guest rooms
・Installation of sanitizers in each guest room
・ Regular disinfection and cleaning of guest roon fixtures and items (doorknobs,roomkeys,teacup,etc)
・ Maintaining the occupancy rate of guest rooms below a certain level to avoid the “threeC’s”(closed spaces, crowded places, and close-contact situations)
Precautions adopted for public baths
・Installation of sanitizers
・Disinfection and cleaning of public bath fixtures and items
・Close monitoring of the situation and dispersion of guests to avoid the “three C’s” (closed spaces, crowded places,and closce-contact situations)
Pcecautions adopted foe meals
・Carefully planned provision and serving of meals (e.g., serving of guests individually)
・Close monitoring of the extent of congestion at dining venues and dispersion of guests to avoid the “three C’s” (closed spaces, crowded places, and close-contact situations)
・Providing in-room meals and private meals
・Prohibiting guests with fever, cough, or cold symptoms from entering dining venues
Precautions adopted for ryokan staff
・Requiring staff to wash their hands, gargle, and wear masks
・Conducting regular temperature screenings for staff
・Conducting daily health checks for staff
・Requiring staff to serve guests while maintaining a safe social distance (of around 2M)
Precautions adopted for check-in/check-out procedures
・lnstallation of acrylic panels, transparent plastic screens, etc., at the front desk
Requests to guests
・Requesting guests to sanitize (using an alcohol-based sanitize,) upon arrival
・Requesting guests to wash their hands and gargle
・Requesting guests to wear a mask outside their guest room
・Requesting guests to undergo a tempeature screening during check-in
・Requesting guests to maintain a safe social distance (of around 2M) from one another in the line during check-in
・Requesting guests to complete a health declaration from during check-in
・Prohibiting guests who are feeling unwell from staying at the ryokan
Precautions adopted for foreign tourist
・Stationing of full-time staff who can speak multiple languages the ryokan
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