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Our philosophy at Andon Ryokan

Our beginnings can be traced back to the question that we posed to ourselves: How can we highlight the goodness of Japan to people from overseas? The gradual decrease in the number of ryokan, or Japanese-style inns, across the country has been going on since this inn was founded, and continues today. Our belief was that having travelers from overseas stay in a ryokan to both experience Japanese modes of living and gain a sense of Japanese notions of hospitality, would provide them with a shortcut to understanding our nation and its people. That was the philosophy that fueled our desire to build such a facility in Tokyo, and on June 12, 2003, we founded Andon as the city’s first designer ryokan.

In engaging guests from overseas for more than twenty-five years, one of the many requests that we have received from them is, “I want to eat the kind of food that Japanese people normally eat. Please direct me to a restaurant that will allow me to do that.” Often, we would be at a loss as to how to answer that question. It seems that from the perspective of foreign visitors, Tokyo’s only eating establishments consist of ramen and sushi restaurants. At the same time, while one might think that there is no shortage of such restaurants that one could unequivocally recommend, they are in fact few in number.

With that in mind, at Fukuandon, we seek to serve guests with the kind of meals that we as Japanese conventionally eat in the form of “food from the Ishii family table” that is prepared with seasonal fish and vegetables purchased daily at the market. Our menu offerings that go beyond Japanese cuisine to include Western and Chinese fare with a Japanese spin on them are bound to linger in the memory of guests from overseas as rare dishes that are unceasingly novel. While we would not call ourselves professional chefs by any stretch of the word, we pour our heart and soul into using safe and dependable ingredients to provide the kind of food that is the biggest contributor to the long lives of the Japanese people.

Our hope is that Andon becomes a place where guests from both overseas and right here in Japan come to relax and interact while sharing tales of their respective travels.

We want Andon to be your second home in Tokyo.

  • Food from the Ishii family table.
    For many of our guests at Andon Ryokan, visiting here is not so much “visiting” as it is “coming home.” It is the feeling one gets when they set foot into a place that somehow feels nostalgic and warm, a place where one can get a homecooked meal reminiscent of cooking from back home. We treat our guests as if they were our own family, preparing something different for them to dine on from day to day while also strongly emphasizing the ingredients that we source. Far from exhibiting a colorful flourish, the meals that we serve are intended to be enjoyed by our guests in their free, unassumed state, as if they have returned to their true selves. The warmth of people who will listen to and empathize with what’s on your mind, coupled with all of the other elements at Andon, make this ryokan feel like your home away from home. Experience Andon Ryokan for yourself and discover why so many of our repeat guests are captured by its charm.
  • Our standards are reflected in dining utensils and space as well as in our cooking.
    The nostalgic atmosphere from the late Meiji period up to the Showa era of Japanese history can be found at Andon. Adorning the walls of the bathing area are works of pop art and antique art created by painter Mie Ishii. In 2020, alongside with the opening of the Fukuandon tea house on the first floor, ceiling light fixtures were adorned with rabbit-patterned frosted glass to create surroundings that are always a pleasure to look at. All spatial design at Andon has been well-calculated. By narrowing down the quantity of light so that it melds with the texture of wooden areas that shine with the black luster of an old Japanese-style home, we sought to have that texture bring forth a faint traditional Japanese atmosphere as the light of candles shine faintly in the dark. Savor this special space that is nowhere else to be found in Japan with both your eyes and your taste buds.


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